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Lola Astanova pianist or model?

"Where words fail, music speaks" - Kristian Andersen's words are from other times, times in which music was above the words, above the looks and more importantly above lifestyle and money. However, the human race is always evolving, searching for the better version of each aspect in life.

A very popular Uzbekistan-born pianist Lola Astanova is one of the most followed pianists on the socials media our days, with nearly half a million of followers on Instagram and YouTube. According to her modern vision of apperiances and performing Astanova admits in an interview "I don't mind people talking about my looks: my music, my legs, my dresses..all these are part of me and I am anable to separate them."

Ricentelly Lola collaborated in a various recordings with the star from 2cellos Stjepan Hauser


Te most promising Croatian cello duo signed with Sony Masterwoeka back in 2011, they have released four albums and play instrumental arrangements of well-known pop and rock songs as well as classical and film music.The duo performs internationally and has been featured on several US television shows, such as Glee and The Bachelor.

Their YouTube video and arrangement of Despasito received 32 million views as today and has proven their abilities to transform any music as written personally for them.

Lola is having a similar modern approach spacing in between classical, Rock and Pop arrangements. She has a private studio recording space in her house where she experiments and keep us up-to-date on her YouTube and Instagram Chanel.

In the video bellow we can see her performance of the soundrack from the movie "LaLa Land".


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