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5 Movie Themes a Must for pianists

Sometimes pianists needs to enjoy their playing just because its fun and easy!The movie themes are perfect in order to remember your favorite movies and let go the imagination, while playing!

No 1.

"City of Stars" from LaLa Land

Because love can be the biggest muse for a musician.

No 2.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter's arrangement by J. Radnich will be one of the most successful ones for advanced pianists to play!

No 3.

The Pink Panther

Getting a bit tricky around half way through, but its worth playing it! Sooo fun!

No 4.

The Legend of 1900

Probably not the most famous scene of the movie, but this Magic Waltz is quite special!

No 5.

Disney Medley

Great Medley to play, although I couldn't fine the piano sheet for this arrangement which sounds amazing! All Disney music is fun to play, so just choose the one you love the most or mix them up!

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