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5 Foods that help Concentration

Being a musician is fun, but sometimes requires a lot of energies and concentration. Eat a healthy, balanced diet, take regular exercise, which increases your 'feel-good' endorphins, and improves your mood and prevents depression. How do we help our mind to stay focused? Not certainly by eating burgers and croissants! Definitely drinking a lot of water and green tea helps our body to stay hydrated, sleeping is crucial, but eating the right foods is also essential.

No 1.


The beneficial properties of these fruits are numerous:

Rich vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K, fibers, potassium and iron

improves concentration

favorites the digestion

reduces cholesterol and triglycerides

rich in OMEGA 3

beneficial for health and the heart

improves the assimilation of antioxidants

reduces the symptoms of arthritis

improves eye and skin health

improves fertility

Avocados are amazing for any recipes from a chocolate cake to a fresh vegetable salad or a tasty breakfast.

Visit https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/avocado for all the info on the above delicious recipes!But one of my alltime favorites is the Avocado Ciocolate Bread by Adrian Harlan!Click on the pic below and visit her Blog for more awesome recipes!

No 2.


Their beneficial aspects are mainly as being powerful antioxidants or helpful soldiers against the accumulation of stress in our body. Blueberries help blood circulation, intestinal health, and last but not least, for concentration.The best advice on eating blueberries is in their natural status, since that way they maintain their beneficial properties intact. You can find some useful ideas on how to abbinate these little friends with other ingredients - click on the pics for more info and look for the recipes!

Orange & blueberry Bircher Blueberry milkshakes

No 3.


Walnuts are rich in Vitamin B and C

Regulates sleep and improves concentration

Reduce inflamation in the body

Improves male fertility

Cleanse dygestive system

Prevent cancer

Control diabetis

Improves Metabolism

For more info on all its beneficial factors visit: https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/seed-and-nut/health-benefits-of-walnuts.html Recipes with walnuts are infinite! Sweet or Salty their amazing for so many dishes that would be difficult to list them all!One of my favorites is shown below.

No 4.

Fish (especially Salmon)

Salmon is tasty and great for concentration, it contains: Omega-3 fatty acids, High in Vitamin D and Fish proteins.A proven study in UK concluded that if fish oil is being consumed regularly, evident improvements in concentration and study performances will arise efficiently. Follow the link for more info: https://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/mind/articles/intelligenceandmemory/omega_three.shtml All salmon recipes are amazing, especially when combined with some veggies or any eggs, although my advice is, always try to avoid the butter, cream or other unnecessary salsa toppings. Flavours could be easily achieved by adding some onions, garlic or other much more healthy and delicious ingredients!

No 5.


The benefits of eating particularly dark chocolate are:

Lowers the blood pressure

Helps control blood sugar

Reduces the risk of diabetes

Rich in vitamins and minerals

Improves blood flow to the brain (improves concentration) and to the heart (increases chances of heart attack)

Contains anti-depressant agents

Contains antioxidants

Reduces stress

Lowers your cholesterol levels

Again the main ingredient is the chocolate, but if mixed with butter, flour, sugar and other not so beneficial ingredients will become rather toxic.Once more I recommend Adrian for her amazing gluten, dairy and grain free chocolatory recipes!

Hope this was helpful folks!Take care and be healthy!

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