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5 easy tricks for musicians to be more stylish

As a musician often we have days when thinking only about practising and how much music we need to learn is THE priority. However, we do need to actually get out of the house and do stuff like normal people right? 😅

Even if we do not have the time to think about everything in our look, it might be easier and faster to get in style (and even elegant!) by only choosing ONE of the listed below tips!

Let's get started!

No 1.


Sometimes I find easier to dedicate 5 minutes to fix only my hair and actually, wearing sweatpants becomes acceptable! In the below video I found a very easy and cool way to fix up my rebellion curly hair, although the same YouTube research could be done for every type of hair!

No 2.

More Lipstick

Using only lipstick might be the perfect makeup. You don't need to spend time on putting on any mascara or other stuff. Just wear your sunglasses or normal glasses, put the lipstick on and you are all set to have a little coffee break in between practising!

I fell in love with Givenchy Lipstick over the summer, because you don't need to do anything since it is double coloured and the function of the second colour is as a pencil for lips to actually fix and make the colour more uniform.

I 've also found a little guide by Givenchy which will help you put any lipstick on, even by using a lip's pencil.


No 3.

High heels but still comfy!

If we actually choose the type of heals we buy, we might be able to wear them all the time. In fact, during the years I have bought heals that I never actually wear, especially because living in London means on thing: Buses, Tube, Running up and down the stairs etc.

Last year I've started to look for comfortable but still high shoes so that any time I am outside rehearsing or working I could also hang out with my friends for drinks or go to restaurants.

For the summer I fell in love with wedges

I know though not everyone likes wedges, therefore the secret is always choose heals with a bigger sole and larger heal so that your foot doesn't suffer the fact you want to be pretty!

No 4.

Chose the right colours

Ok, this might take a bit longer to prepare, but what I do usually choose the pants and then according to that colour pick a shirt or vice-versa. If I'm not in the mood to decide anything than just go with a dress, the easiest way to avoid picking colours AT ALL!

Below to help you guys I've found a guide to choosing the right colour!

No 5.

Take care of your nails

Yep! I've learned this one only during the last year. As a pianist, I've always thought "Oh well short nails, so nothing to so there", WRONG!

So many actresses and models have short nails, but still keep them tidy and shiny, and trust me it will make you feel better about yourself. I am not saying to go and spend money to fix your nails every week, but even by dedicating to them 1 hour every two weeks might make you feel more special and desirable.

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