Music Actually?!

Hi! I'm Viky. I like to write, play the piano, read about food, yoga, music and fashion.

I moved from Italy to New York to find my place here in London, where my husband works as a wine lover, specialist and a sommelier (he is also very passionate about nature, trees, plants and photography, so a few tips might be included on that here as well).

My life is pretty cool: I get to play the piano and work on my doctoral research in music, hang out with my cat Elvy, teach some very cool kids music and hunker down for some very rainy (but comfy!) days (although it really doesn't rain THAT much in London).

I graduated from RCM in London with a degree in piano, but during my time in London, I fell wildly in love with exploring the world around me and having different hobbies (life its too short!). I currently spent most of my time preparing to record some very cool Bulgarian pieces for piano, so stay tuned!

I began writing my recipes, about yoga, my general hobbies and since last year (2018), this blog has become a collection of experiencing life, in a modern kind of way! Most of my posts include everything there is to know around being a musician, inspired by my Bulgarian and Italian roots and my new British surroundings, bits about life around music, or tales from adventures near and there. 


Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!!! 🤗